1947 PA-12 Float Plane with PA-18 Mods and O-320

1947 PA-12 Float Plane with PA-18 Mods and O-320

Price: $91,000

3840 AFTT

Refurbished Fuselage with new fabric in 2017. All new cables, stringers plexiglass,  Kydex interior, airspeed, altimeter, vsi, turn coordinator, and compass. Refinished wings ailerons, flaps, and tail feathers, recovered rudder, Reassembled with all new hardware.

Lycoming 0-320 with 1840 SMOH in 1996

Nice Baumann Floats with hatches

Seaplane door

PA-18 landing gear conversion but no landing gear or master cylinders included

PA-14 wing flaps

PA-18 trim system

PA-18 elevator and trim system

PA-18 type Airbox assembly and scoop

Nice Leather seats

EI oil pressure/temp gauge

Steve’s Gascolator

Sky-tec starter

Battery on inner firewall

Wings flaps and ailerons recovered 1995 and refinished in 2017

Front seat crossbar


Sliding window mod

Shoulder harness

Fuselage lift handles

Removeable rear seat brace

Extended baggage

Lifetime wing struts

weld-on float fittings

Nice instrument panel with KY97 radio, FM transceiver, Intercom, and Digital EI oil pres/temp.

All specifications subject to verification.

1968 Cessna 172I Factory Float Plane