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Flying Magazine calls the touchscreen Lynx NGT-9000 “revolutionary,” and a “slam-dunk winner.” We call it a one-box wonder that gives you everything you need to be In and Out ADS-B compliant, and then some. Plus, with Lynx you can view ADS-B traffic and weather on compatible flight displays like Aspen and popular pilot apps like ForeFlight, WingX Pro and many more.


  • 1090 MHz Mode S ES
  • Dual 1090/978 “IN”
  • Internal WAAS/GPS ADS-B position source
  • Resistive Touchscreen Display
  • Compatible MFD Interface to display ADS-B weather and traffic
  • WiFi Module to display ADS-B weather and traffic to an iPad or Android

Live ADS-B Traffic Map

Airport Diagram from FAA Alaska Supplement

Anchorage Radar NEXRAD

Lake Hood Webcam