1977 Scout 8GCBC with 2100 Floats and Alum. Spars–Price Reduced!

Price: $105,000

2850 total time

1450 smoh O-360-C1E 180hp with forward governor mount

Wipline 2100 floats

72 gals total fuel

New wings and all new fabric In 1999

Great performing 80” Hartzell constant speed prop with 1100 smoh in 2002

(prop requires eddy current inspection on hub every 100 hours but it can be done ON the aircraft and has about 95 hours left until its due. Last inspection was done by AIX in 2022 for $175)

Battery moved forward

Shoulder harnesses (inertia reel for pilot)

Split cabin door with hinged upper section

Hinged left window

Cargo door

Vortex Generators

Steves Gaskolator

Dimond plate floor

Full metal belly

Winter covers

New stabilizers in 2017

New Alternator and regulator in 2017

Wheel landing gear included with Clevelands

Annual is due but could be negotiated/wrapped into buyers’ inspection

The aircraft was flown 50 hours in 2020 season, and regularly before that, but not much since then, (thus the sale). It was ferried from FBX to Anchorage in 2023 with no discrepancies noted.

Empty weight 1440 lbs on wheels and 1550 on floats. 2150 lbs GW

This is A SCOUT NOT a Citabria. It has much taller landing gear, higher gross weight (500 lbs), longer wings (almost 3 feet more span), 180 hp engine, constant speed prop, and 70 gals useable fuel. It’s a dramatically better performer and more versatile, as a result and makes a particularly excellent float plane. The cockpit is very comfortable due to its width and layout (especially compared to Super cubs) and its got toe-brakes.  Airglas has a certified belly pod available for the scouts now to add cargo space and versatility.  Of course, they cruise dramatically faster than cubs (approximately 105 mph on floats and 110 mph on 8.50×6 tires.)  It has a full metal belly and the Engine, Cowling, and exhaust, are much easier to work on than a cub. All this makes the Scout a very competitive desirable option for their weight-class but yet it punches above its weight in some regards.

All specifications subject to verification.

1968 Cessna 172I Factory Float Plane