1998 Scout 8GCBC

Price: $129,000

3600 hrs total time

275 SMOH engine time (2017 overhaul with new cylinders, 5 years left for 135 operations)

Composite Hartzell constant speed Top Prop (new in 2019)

New PCU 5000 prop governor 2023

Aluminum spars and wing struts

70 gals fuel

EDM 700 engine monitor

31” Bushwheels

Large tail wheel

Shoulder harnesses

Both seat backs fold

Firewall battery

King Audio panel

GNC 250 GPS-Com

Panel mounted 496

Becker transponder

Uavionix Skybeacon ADSB out

Casper Labs oil filter adaptor

1415 lbs empty on wheels

1520 lbs empty on floats

2150 gross weight

EDO 2130 floats included but they have some perforations from corrosion,

Last annual Aug 2023

Remember, this is A SCOUT 8GCBC not a Citabria. It has much taller landing gear, higher gross weight (500 lbs), almost 3 feet more wing-span, 180 hp engine, constant speed prop, and 70 gals useable fuel. It’s a dramatically better performer and more versatile as a result, and makes a particularly excellent float plane. The cockpit is very comfortable due to its width and layout (especially compared to Super cubs) and there is a certified belly pod available for the Scouts now to add cargo space. Of course, they cruise dramatically faster than cubs (approximately 105 mph on floats and 110 on 8.50×6 tires) and have toe brakes. The Scout is a very comfortable and a pretty easy-to-handle taildragger.  The Engine, Cowling, and exhaust, are much easier to work on than cubs. All this makes the Scout a very competitive, desirable, option for its weight-class but yet it definitely punches above its weight in many regards.

All specifications subject to verification.

1968 Cessna 172I Factory Float Plane