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What is HID?

High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting is the ultimate lighting system for your aircraft and is now STC approved on a wide variety of aircraft. This tremendous light upgrade is for PAR 36 and PAR 46 size bulbs. We are ready to ship kits or do local installations.
High Intensity Discharge (HID) light systems are the latest greatest and ultimate technology for aircraft, auto and even commercial and home lighting. They are currently used for headlights on many new Aircraft and High-end automobiles such as the Audi and BMW, and are as much as 8 times brighter (600,000 Candlepower) than typical bulbs they replace for aircraft. HID’s also demand much less amperage draw (4 amps) and are significantly, more rugged and dependable, which makes an ideal system for aircraft landing and taxi lights.

How Bright Are They?

600,000 CandlePower!!

H.I.D. Lights are as much as 8 times as bright as stock lighting!!

HID lights, being vastly brighter than standard, or even halogen lights, cast a much whiter light, revealing more true colors to the eye. This advantage offers dramatically improved visibility both for the pilot visibility and for recognition from other aircraft. Recognition is quickly becoming the main reason people upgrade to HID lighting. We have heard some incredible testimonials from pilots via the tower or other spectators about seeing their HID equipped aircraft from incredible distances.

Approved Model List (AML)

Most Cessna Aircraft (Reims equivalent) with wing or cowl mounted lights from the 150 through the 337 including the 208 Caravan
• Piper; PA-12, 14, 18, 20, and 22
• Most, DeHavilland Beaver and Otter series
• Beechcraft Bonanza 33 series through D45 cowl mount
• Piper Comanche and Twin Comanche PA24 through PA39 wing mount
• Stinson
• Maule
• Luscombe
• Helio
• Taylorcraft
• Husky

Other Installations

Most everything “single engine”, with leading edge wing mounted or cowl mounted landing lights is on the list. If we missed your aircraft model, please let us know. Some models will be very easy to add to the AML and most all are easily field approved especially now that the STC is complete. Better yet we can approve most non STC’d installations ourselves on your aircraft on a single serial number basis as long as we can inspect it or see installation photos.

We also have a landing gear mounted version of the HID application for aircraft, which is not STC’ed but easily approvable. This is an excellent, simple option if you don’t have wing mounting provisions. It makes a great taxi light location even if you already have wing mounted lights and is readily approvable.

We are also actively pursuing a number of helicopter models to add to our model list. HID lights in Helicopter applications is a very exiting new field for us and will offer some tremendous advantages to the operator. HID’s will give them all the power they need and with two options for beam patterns but only drawing 4 amps each and without the heat problems of the 250 watt and up, incandescent bulbs.

Kit Contents

The kit consists of a ballast, (power supply unit 1”x5x3” overall or 1x4x3 not including the integral mount tabs) wire harness with plug, HID bulb(s) in PAR 36 or Par 46, (standard 4.5” or 6”) bulb sizes and even other custom configurations as needed. Mounting hardware can also be included as needed, and is very simple and minimal. (Three screws and nuts, or nut-plates or riv-nuts, 2 butt splices, and a ring terminal generally). Installation is quick and simple with the three fasteners for the ballast. The bulb/reflector assembly just mounts in place of the old bulb with no changes necessary.

1 Year Warranty

The Parts and maintenance costs to change bulbs can be expensive, aggravating and inconvenient. Until now there has been no alternative to the lack of reliability from incandescent lighting. The filament in a standard incandescent light is very subject to Shock and vibration, which can cause the filament to break and fail even if the light is off. The HID light does not use a filament at all but, illuminates xenon gases and halide salts in a sealed glass tube using electric power from the ballast. As a result, the HID bulb gets its unbelievable, 3000 hour life.

We guarantee our units for one year.

Aero H.I. Light Pricing

Buy with Confidence in the HI Light kit!!
– Very high quality kit
– Best price
– Best service
– Broadest STC

Only $550.00 each for PAR36

Only $650.00 each for PAR46

Specification Sheet

AeroBrochure (PDF)

Download a Personal Copy of the H.I. Light Spec Sheet!


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