180 Landing Gear

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These two landing gear are both left hand gear and they are different part numbers.

The green primer one is the “dimpled” gear (has the factory dimple in the gear for the brake line clip). That’s a lighter/early 180 or 185  gear as I understand it. Its .742” thick at the upper end by the main fuselage attach bolt with the paint so it appears to be one of the PN 0741001-5,  “exception” gear at the bottom of this article on gear identification. https://tlgw.aero/main-landing-gear-identification . The yellow tag indicates that was magnafluxed and no cracks found.

The white gear is a new XP mods 185 gear PN  PP0741001-7  with FAA/PMA stamp on the paint with the lot number.  Its .775” thick with the paint by the upper attach bolt.

All specifications subject to verification.

1968 Cessna 172I Factory Float Plane