Float Storage

FLOAT WASHING we have a very reliable process for getting your floats clean that we have been using for years. The product we use is a trade secret that was actually shown to us by a special customer. It’s not a true magic bullet, it still takes work, but they key is that we are not afraid of it, and we can get most floats looking very good again, in a very practical time frame and price point and that saves you the trouble.

When you store your floats with Seaplanes North, LLC, we (with your approval) cold weather prepare the floats with antifreeze and give them a cursory inspection. Your floats are then securely stored on steel racks behind an 8′ airport-rated fence. Secure aircraft storage is also available.

We use steel float racks, although they are considerably more expensive than wooden racks. With the occasional high winds and heavy snow loads encountered at Lake Hood, we feel steel better protects your investment.

 Float Storage Rates
Displacement (Cubic Inches)
Cost Per Month
Cost Per Season
Less than 2300
Cub & single Cessna size Aircraft
Beaver size aircraft
Price Revision February 26, 2024

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