New tire and wheel STC from Seaplanes North!!!

The Grove 10” wheel with smooth Desser Tires is now STC approved!!!!

The approval includes the Piper PA-18 series, the Cessna 180 series, and the Cessna 185 series and 206. The approved tires are the new, smooth Desser 8.50×10 and 29x11x10. The much-anticipated 31x11x10 tire approval is coming quickly and then more models on the aircraft model list after that, especially 170, 172, 182, Husky, Scout, and PA-12.

The 10” tubeless wheel kit incorporates a two-piece tubeless aluminum wheel, 8” brake rotor, all new calipers and brake torque plates. It is very lightweight, strong and versatile. All the parts are fully tested and meet TSO (FAA Technical Standard order for tires, wheels, and brakes). The Grove tubeless wheels are simply a brilliant design and overdue to be introduced to the light aircraft market. Eliminating tubes saves $2-300 and 8-10 lbs and provides a more supple tire that performs well on varied surfaces. We have found that the 8” rotor provides noticeably more power and better feel at the pedal, but without being too strong or grabby.

The 4 ply tires (6-ply for the 8.50×10) were designed specifically to be soft, light, and have excellent wear characteristics. The customer feedback on these products has been excellent.

Gar Aero products:

The GAR-AERO adaptors have been a great answer to the need for a general aviation 10” wheel all over the globe for about four decades now and they in fact still are. We are confident enough in the new Grove wheel product that in 2020 we discontinued new production of the Gar-Aero/Alaska Tundra Tire magnesium adaptors.

There are still many adaptors out there in service and we see some for sale on the used market at times, so Seaplanes North will still offer tire sales as well as STC support for those products.

The Gar-Aero tail wheels have been discontinued for some time now as there is no STC for that product but we do offer the impressive 5.00×5 Tail wheel from “XP mods” and their other heavy duty tail wheel parts available as well.

Alaska Tundra Tire Weights

Component Weight
Grove 10″ wheel w/brake rotor 13.8 lbs
Grove 10″ wheel, rotor, brake caliper and torque plate 16.9 lbs
31 x 11 x 10 Smooth Aero Classic tire    29 lbs
29 x 11 x 10 Smooth Aero Classic tire 23.1 lbs
8.50 x 10 Smooth Aero Classic tire 17.6 lbs
29 x 11 x 10 4-ply shaved-tread tire (no longer available as of 2021)    24 lbs
29 x 11 x 10 4-ply full tread tire    29 lbs
8.50 x 10 tube   4.3 lbs
29 x 11 x 10 tube 4.38 lbs
Gar Aero 10″ adapters (each) 3.75 lbs
     Pair   7.5 lbs
     Set of 4    15 lbs
Typical 8.50 x 10 6-ply tire 17.6 lbs
Typical 8.50 x 10 tube   4.3 lbs
Other Misc. tire and wheel weights. (For reference only.)
8.50 x 6 6-ply Air Trac tire (each)     16 lbs
Extra tread ABI 31″ tire 36 lbs
ABI 1010 wheel with rotor     16 lbs
ABI 1010 wheel with 29″ shaved tire and 8.50 x 10 tube 44.5 lbs
Cleveland 6″ wheel with brake rotor 5.75 lbs
Gar-Aero tailwheel kit (NOT AVAILABLE): tire, tube, fork, axle & spacer   6.8 lbs
6″ Cleveland wheel w/Gar adaptors, shaved 29″ tire and 8.50 x 10 tube 41.65 lbs
29″ bushwheel tire with extra tread on ABI aluminum 3-bolt 6″ wheel 44.6 lbs
Goodyear 26/10.5-6 6 26″ “Blimp Tire”    23 lbs
Above weights in pounds from an uncertified digital scale.
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