Air Research Technology Wing Extensions

Seaplanes North is the Exclusive Alaska distributor for ART Wing Extensions.

We are also the most experienced installer in the state. We have an installation In progress most of the time and usually have your kit in stock.

The Wing Extension STOL CONVERSION is FAA STC approved on all C-180, 182, 185 and 206 models and Canadian STC approved for all Cessna 170, 172 and 175 series.

The WING-X STOL will increase your flight performance by as much as 30% and your gross takeoff weight by as much as 400 Lbs.

Improve your aircraft performance by adding over three feet of wingspan or approx. 12.4 square feet of wing area to your aircraft. “More Wing More Lift it’s that simple”. Cessna 180, 182 and 185 wing kits have specially engineered wing reinforcements, and when attached along the main spar this modification increases the overall strength of the wing and gives you a dramatic gross weight increase.

All C-180 and C-182 owners will benefit with a GTOW of 2,950 lbs. approved on wheels, floats and skis as well as providing enhanced performance throughout the flight envelope.

Cessna 185 owners will immediately benefit from an increase of 175 lbs. in the useful load and a newly certified GTOW of 3,525 lbs. approved on wheels, skis, amphibs and straight floats.

You can now carry that extra passenger or payload and still have great performance.

The Cessna 206 installation does not offer a Gross weight increase but is still very popular for a performance modification and is much easier to install.

Flight performance summary. (Flight Test performance averages are based on pilot technique as demonstrated on various aircraft models and configurations. Cessna 180 tested at 3,194 lbs. Cessna 182 tested at 2,950 lbs. Cessna 185 tested at 3,600 lbs. Cessna 206 tested at 3,800 lbs.)

1. Reduced stall speed;
2. Reduced takeoff and landing distances;
3. Reduced water landing impact loads by 8%;
4. Increased takeoff performance by as much as 30%;
5. Increased rate of climb by 12%;
6. Increased lateral stability in all phases of flight;
7. Increase service ceiling by almost 1,000 feet (7% more wing area);
8. Increase cruise speed 2% at cruise settings of 65% and 75%;
9. Increased fuel performance 1% to 2%;
10. Increased flight safety margin and stability at low speed;
11. STC approved in combination with other STOL kit modifications on all series of Cessna 180, 182 and 185 on wheels, skis or floats.

Increase gross takeoff weight. (Float buoyancy limits still apply when operating at higher gross weights.)

-All Cessna models 180, 182 GTOW 2,950 lbs. Approved on all series. Some late model Cessna 180’s approved at 3,190 lbs. when combined with additional modifications.
-Cessna 185 models GTOW 3,525 lbs. approved on all series and in all configurations.
-Cessna 206 series gross takeoff weight 3,600 lbs. There is no gross weight increase available for the 206 series.